Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 Months, Wowie Wow Wow

So here we are again, Taylor.

Another 2 months have come and gone. Let me tell you a little secret, darling. You are absolutely wonderful. I thought so at first, but you seem to get better and better. Ask your dad. He'll tell ya. You have captivated us. Way more than we ever imagined. It's neat how God works like that. Christ has filled our hearts with His love for you. And that is our biggest goal; for you to see and understand that Love.

Here's what you've been working on these past two months.

  • You have developed an ability to grasp. You grab at anything that gets within a few inches and immediately pull it to your mouth for inspection.
  • You made your first friend, Sophie. You love that little giraffe.
  • You are a great listener. If someone is talking, you stare at their mouth the whole time. Sometimes, you even contribute to the conversation. I'm sure that what you're saying is very sound advice.
  • You have decided that you adore your daddy.
  • You've got eyes like a hawk. I've had to sneak by you many times as you drift off to sleep.
  • Speaking of sleep, you are great at sleeping at night. You only wake once at either 2 or 5 am. And then wake up for the day at either 7 or 8. I can't complain about that.
  • We've started a bedtime routine with you, and you absolutely love it. You smile at us the whole time. We sing songs, pray, daddy plays this special music box, then we turn on your mobile, and you drift off to sleep.
  • You love to roll from your back to your side, mostly when you are trying to get to sleep.
  • You can roll from your belly to your back, if you are extra frustrated.
  • You can also roll from your back to your belly.
  • You love to play on the floor. One day you were crying and crying and I tried every possible position to hold you. Nothing worked. So I put you down on the ground for a second, and you immediately stopped crying. Since then, no more snuggling for you.
  • You have discovered that you can make noises with your throat. You will talk and fuss and gurgle just to hear yourself.
  • You are ticklish under your arms and on your belly.
  • You smile a lot. Sometimes you give this bashful smile and turn away. Precious.
  • You've just become aware of Zissou. You follow him around with your eyes as if you're trying to decide what you think of him. If you catch him, you always try to eat him.
  • Sucking on your fingers, and ours, has become a new favorite pastime.
  • Sucking on your toes is pretty fun too.
  • You are getting a taste of technology.
We love you to pieces, baby Taylor. As you grow and mature, we want to make sure you are the healthiest, happiest, Godliest little girl you can be. Sometimes, Mommy worries that she's messing it up. She doesn't always know what to do. In fact, it feels like she rarely knows what to do. But ya know what? That's okay. It's not in her control. She will make mistakes. But she knows God is Sovereign. And she trusts in Him.

We love you, doll.


What's that? Now you'd like to see some adorable pics of our baby girl. No problem.