Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Secret Forts

Best way to spend my time.

Singing songs.

Telling stories about bears, princesses, elephants, and adventures.



Protecting the fort from the Zissou beast.

Best way to spend my time.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Flu-Like Symptoms

February 16

"Flu-like symptoms"

Can't be that bad, right? Wrong.

These flu-like symptoms are the worst. Add on the pain in the infected area, a hungry newborn, and we've got miserable.

I finally gave in and asked for help (something I'm not good at) and called Lynn. When she got here, I was bawling. She took the baby and I collapsed in bed for a little while. So thankful for that rest. My mom came the next day, but I was already feeling much better.

Mastitis had after effects as well. River Jane had some nursing strikes where I had to trick her into latching. Not fun.

River Jane is really making me work for this nursing thing. Doesn't she know it's good for her?

I'm having to let go and relax. I was getting so stressed all the time worrying about nursing lasting. I've had to come to terms with the fact that if I have to stop earlier than I'd like, I need to be okay with it. I like control, so that's hard to let go. I'm not in control; God is.

I am praying we can nurse a lot longer, but prepared to let go if we have to.

River Jane the Doll

February 15

Putting River Jane on the floor is a bit more dangerous than it was for Taylor.

When I put River Jane on the floor, Taylor is immediately drawn to her. She's pretty gentle, but of course I've got to keep a close eye on her. She showers her with kisses and gifts her with toys. It's pretty sweet.

I can't decide if she's treating River Jane like a toy or if she's actually playing with her. Oh well.

Smiles are Where It Is At

February 12

I like the newborn baby stage. Really I do. They are so snugly and sweet, and they make the best faces. But there is something so magical when they start smiling at you. Not just gas smiles, but real smiles.

River Jane is there.

And I love it.

She was about 5 weeks old when she first started those real smiles. It's the best feeling when she really sees you, and looks at you like you are so beautiful. She gazes up with such adoration. It really makes my heart go pitter patter.

Blankie Love

Feb 8

It's love. Blankie love.

Taylor was given a minky dot blanket and bib when she was born. I thought it was cute and all with her name sewn in, but I had no idea how much she would come to love them. Thankfully we have both the bib and blanket in case one is missing.

She mostly only uses them at nap or bedtime or security at church.

But if she happens to pass by one, she can't help but be drawn in by it's powers. No matter what she's doing, she has to pet it and put those two sweet fingers in her mouth.

It's like a drug. A soft pink minky drug.

A Piggy Tail Kind of Love

Feb 3

The little Fraggle finally did it. She grew enough hair for some pig tails.

More like mullet pig tails, but pig tails nonetheless.

And while wearing said pig tails, she decides to be super adorable and loving towards her baby sister.

But she's always like that.

A Case of the Sillys

February 1

She loves making silly faces.

I love her.

Sleepy Snuggles

January 29

Jonathan captured this sweet moment one night late. River Jane was in need of some mommy snuggles and some mommy skin.

I didn't mind a bit.

Missing Taylor

January 24

Sometimes, I miss Taylor.

"Where's she gone?" you might ask.

She's still with me all day. The only difference is that my time is not just hers anymore. She now shares me with another baby.

And that's great. She doesn't seem to mind. And I'm thrilled to have another baby. I love River Jane.

But sometimes I get sad because it won't be the same anymore. It won't just be me and Taylor. (I'm talking about during the day when daddy isn't here of course).

So, I got Jonathan to keep the baby while Taylor and I went on a little date to Starbucks. It was delightful, and I'll be doing it more often.

I know we are starting a new phase and we will get a new kind of normal.

But I can still miss the old, can't I?

A Great Big Sister

January 14

I knew she would be.

I've already seen it with her dolls.

Taylor is a great big sister.

When River Jane cries, Taylor runs to comfort her. She kisses her constantly. It's obvious that she absolutely adores her baby sister.

Thank you, God, for that.

Her Best Friend

January 12

She loves him.

She loves to torment him.

She loves to run from him.

She loves to squeeze him.

She loves to be licked by him.

I guess you could say, he's her best friend.

Christmas 2011

Dear Taylor,

We got you a kitchen for Christmas.

It was so fun seeing your face light up on Christmas morning.

Having kids is so much fun.

Especially since it's you.

Family Pics

November 19, 2011

Auntie Haha took our family pics.

They are lovely.

Roary Gets a Ride

November 4, 2011

Taylor decided to give Roary the Lion a piggy back ride.

It was going great.

And then it wasn't.

Pumpkin Carving With Dada

November 1

Dear Taylor,

Making memories.

You weren't a fan of the ooey gooey seeds, but you liked helping Dada.

At least we didn't put you in one this year.

You're welcome.