Monday, February 27, 2012

Missing Taylor

January 24

Sometimes, I miss Taylor.

"Where's she gone?" you might ask.

She's still with me all day. The only difference is that my time is not just hers anymore. She now shares me with another baby.

And that's great. She doesn't seem to mind. And I'm thrilled to have another baby. I love River Jane.

But sometimes I get sad because it won't be the same anymore. It won't just be me and Taylor. (I'm talking about during the day when daddy isn't here of course).

So, I got Jonathan to keep the baby while Taylor and I went on a little date to Starbucks. It was delightful, and I'll be doing it more often.

I know we are starting a new phase and we will get a new kind of normal.

But I can still miss the old, can't I?

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