Friday, March 30, 2012

It Starts Now


Today marks operation "get River Jane out of my bed".

I wouldn't call myself a family bed practicer. I've got nothing against it, but I like my space. I like to be able to go to bed without attachments. And I like to be able to change positions when I wake up at night. Can I also add, that I am a light sleeper who doesn't move around. River Jane sleeps on her side right up against me. So I feel her if she moves. I wouldn't let her sleep with us if I thought it was in any way dangerous. That's all.

With Taylor, I started early getting her to self soothe herself to sleep. She would start out in her bed, but I would nurse her by me and leave her there for the 4:00 feeding.

Things are different with River Jane. I'm scared to let her cry even a tiny bit at night. We share a wall with Taylor and I'm so afraid it will wake her up.

So, she sleeps with us. It's just easier to feed her or pop the paci in when she wakes up. I know. Begin as you mean to go. This is a bad habit I've gotten myself into.

And it stops now.

I want my bed back. I love every minute with that sweet baby, but I want my away from baby sleep time.

So, tonight I'm trying to put her to sleep in the pack n play in our guest room. I moved the video monitor out of Taylor's room and into there.

I think this will help both of us sleep better. Hopefully it won't take too long.

Wish me luck.

Update on Wednesday, April 4th:
The first night did not go well. I caved and ended up sleeping with you in the guest bed. And starting at 1, you woke up EVERY hour. Not cool, kid. The next day we worked on self-soothing during naptime. Again, did not go well. Lots of crying; little sleep. And that night we made the mistake of doing another big change by putting Taylor in a toddler bed, so she needed the video monitor. That meant mommy had to sleep in the guest room with you again. After nursing you, I worked on at least getting you used to not being right next to me. That worked. I also started giving you a bottle at night so I couldn't use nursing as a paci. You slept in your pack and play well at first, but mommy caved when you wouldn't go back to sleep. And then the next day for naps, the magic happened. Mommy figured out you sleep well on your own when she lets you cry it out on your belly. It takes you less than 5 minutes to fall asleep without my help. Awesome. Please let this be real. The first night of belly sleep, you slept in the pack and play til 5:30, with one bottle between that. Awesome.

Giggle Giggle Quack

You didn't quack.

But you did giggle.

Mommy was making raspberry noises at you, and you decided she was funny enough to giggle at.

You are 8 weeks old.

I can't wait for those deep belly laughs.

Bring it.

Belly Roll

You little sneaky doll.

I lay you on your play mat like I often do, and then head into the kitchen to cook dinner. No big.

Minutes later I hear you crying and think you must be bored with that.


You rolled on over to your belly and I believe surprised yourself.

Who taught you that.

It's so funny, because with Taylor I had time to watch and wait impatiently for every milestone. But you get to surprise us with your skills on your own time. I like that.

Well done, little girl.

You're not quite 3 months yet (4 days away to be exact).

And we love you to pieces.

Update on 4/5/12:
And you just rolled over from your belly to your back. Slow down, kid.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pump it Up

Taylor's mothering instinct already seems to be kicking in.

Baby's gotta eat, right? She ain't gonna feed herself.

Embarrassing pics for the future? You betcha.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Can you see it?

Right there.

That's guilt.


After 27 years of living with my "skin condition", also known as just being pale, I should know better.

We are never leaving the house again unless that sweet porcelain face is smothered in some SPF 1000.

Too much?