Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's 8 Months... True Story.


I don't believe you.

Did you hear what my Mommy said?

Am I really 8 months already?

Yes, dear Taylor it's true. You are indeed 8 marvelous months old. And oh my, the things you've been up to. You're practically a grown-up. Oh, and we love you.

Here are all the things you've been up to:

  • Waving- you are getting really good at waving. You of course pick and choose when and who you wave to, but it's still so fun.
  • High Fives- just the other day, mommy thought she'd show you how to do a high five. And of course you picked up on it right away. Well done. You think it's very funny.
  • Sink bath- Mommy (along with Lynnie, Auntie Ha Ha, Abbitha, and Laines) gave you your first sink bath at the beach. You enjoyed it. Mostly, we enjoyed taking your picture.
  • Rocking on knees- you have no interest in crawling...none. But sometimes we can trick you into playing on your belly. You can push up onto your knees and rock for a few seconds, then plop back down onto your belly.
  • Tooth- after fever and fussiness, a tooth has begun to make an appearance. It's barely poking through on the bottom middle left, but it is there. Hoozah.
  • Pushing backwards- you can push yourself backwards and go sideways, but not forward.
  • Love to stand- you hold your little hands up and grab for our fingers ALL THE TIME. You love standing up. Mommy is having a hard time, because she wants you to crawl first, but is torn because of how much you love standing.
  • Walk with hands- you can move one foot in front of the other while we hold your hands.
  • Kick legs when you want something- it is easy to tell when you want someone or something, because you hold your arms out and kick those little legs trying to propel yourself forward. So cute.
  • Beach- you went to the beach for the first time this past week with Lynnie and the girls.
  • Sand- ehh. Not a fan yet, but you will be.
  • Swimming- Lynnie suggested dunking you under the water, and mommy said why not. So Mommy dunked you, you came up looking surprised, but didn't cry. She believed you loved it. So she did it again.
  • Eating habits- you still nurse 4 times a day. You will eat only oatmeal for breakfast. You eat veggies (sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots) and fruits (bananas and pears) with the other 3 feedings. You take a bottle around 6:30. You started eating more this month, but since the tooth made an appearance, you've started boycotting food. Hmm.
  • Sleeping habits- your sleep hasn't changed. Wake up around 6:30. Nap from 7:30-9:00. Nap from 12:00-1:30. Sometimes nap from 4:00-5:00. Bedtime at 7:00. You mostly stick to that schedule, but you of course switch it up all the time. Since the tooth, you've been waking up at 5, nursing and going back to sleep next to Mommy. She's not complaining.
  • Mama- You can say mama, but you only say it when you are upset or want something. So, we need to work on saying it when you are happy too. Ok? Deal.
  • Kiss noise- you learned how to smack like you are kissing. We are working on the blowing part of the kiss.
  • Tongue out- you just started sticking that tongue out all the time...Michael Jordan style.
  • Recognize names of Mommy, Daddy, Zissou- when I ask where they are, you look directly at them.
  • Piggyback- you love being wrapped on my love being wrapped any way.
  • In love with daddy- nuff said. I wish I could explain the way your face lights up when he enters the room.
  • Recognize voices- Daddy was talking in a meeting, and you immediately tried to find him.
Favorite toys:
  • Facebook- Daddy's name for a picture book of family members. You pat their faces.
  • Scout the dog- you love to hear his voice.
  • Blankie- you burrow your little head in it as soon as it's in your hands.
  • Crazy monkey- he makes you laugh.
  • Music table- it's fun to stand and push the buttons to hear the music.
  • Rattle- it's your only real rattle. I thought babies were supposed to have lots of rattles.
  • Songbird- we keep it at your changing table and it always makes you smile. always.
  • Outside Swing- you love it; we put you in and you immediately relax and turn lethargic.
  • Sophie the Giraffe - daddy says Sophie is more of a best friend than a toy.
Your personality:
  • joyful
  • observant
  • inquisitive
  • analytical
  • expressive
  • smiley
  • playful
  • extroverted
  • petite
  • opinionated
  • uncertain
  • happy
Yep, you are pretty amazing, kid. Pretty amazing.

The End.

These beautimus photos were taken by none other than the Haley Richter.
Yes, I know she is talented.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm a teacher. Did you know that?

Sometimes I forget.

This past Sunday I started helping in the nursery again. I just started volunteering for one Sunday a month with the 2's. I haven't helped since before I got pregnant.

That's a long time.

Wanna know a secret?

I loved it.

Like, really loved it.

I mean of course I loved it. I'm a teacher. Did I mention that? I'm wired to teach. I didn't even actually teach these kids, though. I just played with them. And loved on them. That was enough.

I'm wired to kids. And I've missed them. And, yes, my first calling is to teach Taylor and future little Owen babies. But I'm also called to teach other kiddos. Other people's kiddos.

Did you know there is a whole bunch of kids up at church every Sunday morning?

And they are just waiting on me to play and love and teach them.

So, we'll see what happens.

I need to talk to God about it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Baby

This past week I got the chance to take Taylor to the beach for the first time.

Lynn, aka Lynnie, aka Pooh, aka Gigi, aka Wynnie, aka we're not exactly for sure what she's going to be called yet, invited us to stay with her while she was there. For those of you who don't know, Pops and Lynnie are Taylor's Godparents. They have become like family to us, and it helps since we miss our families living close by.

Some of our life group girls were able to come with us, oh the joys of homeschooling. Two of them happen to be wonderfully gifted at taking pictures. And my baby just happens to be good at having her picture taken, so the girls gladly consented to snap a 'few' photos of sweet baby Tay. All these photos were taken by Haley Richter. Yes, she is quite talented. So, enjoy Taylor's first beach trip in pictures. Just for fun, I'll guess what Taylor is thinking and provide captions.

"Wow, it's bright out here. Why are you putting me down?"

"Um, what did you set me on? Maybe I should sit really still and be careful?"

"I guess I should just pick some of it up to investigate further."

"Ick, it feels really weird in my hands. No, seriously, really weird."

"Ugh, get it off my knee. Why is it on my knee?"

"Aw mom, I can't get it off my hands. Why is it sticking to me?"

"Like it? Do you see my face? Do I look like I like it?"

"Okay, super bored now. Can we go in?"

"Let's check out the water now."

"What is that? I'm not so sure about this."

"Um, no. Do you know how cold that is? Why do you get to wear a jacket?"

"I think I'll just play over here on my blanket where it's safe."

"It is fun to walk in this stuff."

"Mommy, what big feet you have."

"This is what I'm talking about. This is where the fun is."

Happy beach trip, Taylor!

Sink Time









For her first sink time bath.

I wrote that myself.


Maybe I borrowed a few words.

And maybe I didn't even take these pics.

Maybe fantastic Haley Richter took them.

Or for sure she did.

Beautiful little girl. Beautiful pics. Beautiful all around.