Monday, April 4, 2011

9 (and a half) Months


That's right, my peeps.

I am mobile and loving it.

Don't blink.

Or look away.

Cause if ya do.

I'll steal your keys.

But, seriously. This is Baby Taylor coming at ya. I am 9 (and a half) months old. Mom is a little late posting this. I've been waiting and waiting, and she finally got around to letting me borrow the computer so I could let ya'll know all the cool stuff I've been up to.

You're excited, aren't you?

I can see it in your eyes.

Here goes.
  • Crawling - I am crawling. Mom and dad had to bribe me with puffs to get me going the first time, but it worked. And since then, I get around quite nicely. I started out dragging my legs army style, but I've learned to stay up on my knees. Sometimes I even pull myself along one leg at a time. I'm not fast, unless I really want something; slow and steady is my motto.
  • Nursing - Mommy finally got my hints about being done with nursing. I tried to be difficult to let her know I was done, and she finally caught on. I have been 'off the mom' for a week now, and boy do I like the bottle. It allows me more freedom. (But in all honesty, I do miss my mom. I know she misses me.) Sidenote from Kristin: I wrote a post here about my struggles with nursing and how I worried it was over at 6 months, but I got a major blessing and made it 3 more months. I am very thankful.
  • Eating - I am a funny eater, I'll admit it. Sometimes I eat a lot; sometimes I won't eat anything. I have decided to boycott store "baby food". No more of that yucky stuff for me. I am very opinionated. If I don't like it; I won't eat it. Mama has been kind enough to start making my food for me. I prefer sweet potatoes and bananas. But she has been coaxing me to try new things. So far I also will eat green beans, spinach, avocado, plums, and carrots. She's been giving them to me chunky, because I like the texture better. That way I can practice my chewing.
  • Dental - I now have two teeth, and boy are they sharp. I know they are sharp, because I've bitten mom a few times, and she always makes a horrible face. I especially like to bite her when I'm pretending to give her a kiss. Man, I'm hilarious.
  • Social - I still love people. I am very entertained just to sit and watch them. They do the funniest things. Sometimes they will dance around in front of me and sing songs and make noises like animals. Boy, if they could only see how silly they look.
  • Verbal - I now choose to say Dada. I like to say it all the time. I know that it means the man who takes care of me, but it's fun to say it all day long, even if he's not there. I've also discovered that the word Mama is not just to be used when I am upset about something. I can also use it when I want the pretty lady to pick me up or give me attention. I also just ramble about nothing a lot. I enjoy talking; it's something to pass the time.
  • Walking - I am pretty good at pulling myself up now. I can cruise along things quite well.
  • Musical - I really love playing Patty Cake with the pretty lady. She claps, and I grab her hands and help her. It is a blast; let me tell you.
  • Coordination - I finally figured out how to hit my palms together. I think the big people call it clapping. It makes a silly noise. You can clap at just about anything, and the big people will ooh and ahh all over you. Helpful hint for aspiring babies out there.
  • New fun - Dada has started turning the world upside down for me, and I can't control my laughter. I think he is a magician. He does some of the most amazing things. I also enjoy playing with blocks. I especially like to take things out of containers and just spread them all around the floor. It is very fun to pull books off shelves. Oh, and stuffed animals are nice and snuggly. They are fun to bite and squeeze. I like books, but mostly to turn the pages. Oh, and keys. Keys are the bomb dot com. If you take them away from me, I will scream.
  • Physical - I weigh 15 pounds, don't judge me. They say I am petite. My red hair, yes red, is slowly growing longer. Right now it is fuzzy and soft. Daddy likes to rub my head. I think it's funny.
Okay, enough details. Now for some peeks at my photo shoot. There are a lot, because mommy couldn't narrow it down to just a few. So enjoy. All 100 of them. Not really, but close.

Favorite past time: flying.

Mohawks are in style. As are granny necklaces.

What is this thing?

He loves me...

He loves me not...

He loves me.

You're sure I'm not supposed to eat this thing?

Hey, Mr. Monkey.

I been looking all over for you.

And this bell too.

I do not know where all these came from. It wasn't me.

Say what?

Let me just check that out for you.

Almost there.

Now, how can I help you?

Upside down.

I wanna turn the whole world upside down.

You should totally give it a try.

Happy 9 Months to Me!