Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Well, we did it. After months of dread and nervousness, we decided to put you in a toddler bed.

We had been planning on doing it pretty soon, so that the crib would be open for River but you wouldn't feel like she pushed you out. But we needed a bed.

I found one at kids market. You were so excited when you saw it, so we decided to just go for it that night. I didn't read up on what to do; we winged it. I'd heard the transition can be hard, so I was nervous.

You did great! You went right to sleep. You did fall out twice, but it didn't hurt. The first time, I heard you fall and watched you just lie back down on the floor instead. So funny. Daddy put you back in bed. The second time you actually climbed back in bed yourself.

Naptime was a little harder. You wanted to play more in the daylight. That's understandable. Mommy had to get on to you several times, but you finally settled in to sleep. It's hard for you to go back to sleep when you wake up too early because there's more distraction.

The next night took you longer to get to sleep. You explored your options. Climbed out of bed, but only took two corrections to fix that. Pulled stuff off the shelf, but only had to tell you once. You also played with the tub of animals that mommy had put beside the bed to block you from falling. So, we took it away. And you fell out. Hard enough to make you cry, but after mommy and daddy both ran to your rescue, you were fine.

Now on our 4th night, and you are a pro. We still put the tub of animals as a block to falling, and it's worked. You settle in well at naptime. Scout helps you by singing to you. When we put you to bed, you say "no" and pat your arm. We think you are reminding yourself to not get out of bed. Cute little rule follower. I think we are almost ready to remove the video monitor.

You made this pretty easy, little girl. Thanks for being awesome.

Mommy and Daddy had a hard time with this transition. It made you feel so grown-up. It was exciting, but at the same time so scary. We are proud of you, sweet girl.

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