Monday, February 1, 2010

Who Knew Five-Year-Olds Could Be So Dangerous

Question: What is considered dangerous for the baby Taylor in my belly?

Answer: A hyper, active, imaginative five
-year-old nephew.

I've always been the kind of aunt who plays and is silly with her nephews, so now that there is a baby in my tummy, some new guidelines have to be set in place for 'protection' of this baby in my belly, so stuff like this doesn't happen.

Guideline #1- You may not run at me and jump into my arms, especially while I am standing on a slippery porch step. I may or may not be forced to catch you with only my arms and then roll onto my side, to protect you and baby.

Guideline #2- You may not jump into my lap while I am sitting on the couch. Climbing softly in and sitting on my legs is suggested.

Guideline #3- You may not punch me in the stomach, even if you're pretending.

Guideline #4- You may not kick me in your sleep, or poke me, or push me off the edge of the bed.

Guideline #5- You may not keep the baby just because you'd like a little sister.

I know these sound like horribly strict regulations, but they are necessary for the duration of my pregnancy. There are however a few things that both of you( my nephews) can continue to do:

1. Devan, you may continue to softly place your hand on my belly to feel your cousin, Taylor.
2. Devan, you may continue to get excited while we watch the video of Taylor moving around.

3. Carson, you may continue to climb into bed with me in the early morning and whisper with me. Especially if you whisper "Ya, know, I like you." And when I whisper back, " I like you, too. I even love you." You may respond, "I love you, too."
4. Both of you may continue to climb into bed and snuggle with me.

5. Both of you may continue to be excited about the fact that your new cousin is going to be a little girl.

I know it'll be an adjustment and a big transition, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


  1. So funny! and sooo sweet about what they can do! Your gunna be an amazing mom Kristen! Amazing.

  2. LOL! Taylor is just getting toughened up to be able to play with them when she makes her arrival!