Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 2 Months Baby Taylor

Dear Baby Taylor,

Well, you've been with us for 2 whole months (not to mention the 9 months + 10 days in me). I just wanted you to know how much you have stolen our hearts. You are so very precious to your daddy and I. We both adore you completely. From the moment I pulled you up onto my chest, you had me. The first couple of weeks were an adjustment; we were trying to figure you out, as I'm sure you were doing the same to us. But I think we've finally got a nice thing going. You have grown and changed so much already in such a short time period.

In two months you:

  • have grown almost 3 inches

  • have gained over 2 pounds
  • are better at holding up your head

  • nap on your belly

  • make eye contact with us and follow us around with those big, blue eyes
  • coo and 'talk' to us

  • recognize mommy and daddy when you see us

  • recognize daddy by feeling his beard

  • smile when we play with you

  • play on your mat for over 30 minutes at a time

  • blow bubbles with your mouth

  • grab things with your hands

  • go to sleep when we lay you down at night (right now anyways)

  • stare at your hands and put them together

  • stare at your feet and sometimes get startled by them

  • listen to us when we read a book to you and even look at the pictures

  • laughed for the 1st time while mommy was singing you "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

  • have figured out that mommy's arms feel better than anyone else's

Doll baby, you are amazing!

Some other special things:

  • You love being wrapped up in your Moby. It's your safe place.

  • You're already showing some personality. You are a very happy, smiley baby. I also think you might be a little bit feisty, and you seem to have a bit of a temper. My family always said it's the red hair that does it.

  • Oh yeah, I think you are going to have red hair. Right now it's strawberry-blond, so we'll just have to wait and see.

  • You make the best facial expressions. That is from your daddy. Just wait: he will teach you all kinds of funny faces.

  • You have mommy's eye shape, but daddy's blue eyes.

  • You also have looooong legs and arms.

  • You love your arms over your head.

  • You have a huge dimple on the left side of your cheek. Adorable.

  • You love it when mommy sings to you and makes funny voices.

P.S. You are incredibly loved! I thank God every day for the way our church, the youth group, and your family love you. You are precious in His sight and many others too!




  1. So sweet! Happy 2 months Taylor!

    Those pictures are amazing, Kristin. I love her expression in the last one.

  2. your baby is perfect, i think. and i love her, too. tell her that. the pictures are precious. you're doing a great job with this whole baby thing.

  3. She's so adorable! I love all the pictures!!!