Monday, August 15, 2011

Taylor's Bird-day Bash

Happy Bird-day, dear Taylor.
A very happy bird-day it was.
You won't remember it of course,
but it was beautiful.

Your Nonna and Grandma
are both thrilled to share
a birthday with you, dear one.

My favorite part
of this beautiful day
was that so many people
that absolutely cherish you, Tay,
were all gathered together
in one place.
Just look at how much love
is on their face.

I think I'll agree with Eli
and say the party was so fly.

You performed quite nicely
for it to just be your first birthday.

You even knew when to bite.

And when to hug.

And when to check your rearview mirrors
for signs of chunky cousin thugs.

Don't worry,
Tuh-Tuh, is busy snuggling.

And your best performance
would have to be
when the cake came out.
You got bashful all of a sudden.
It was oh so cute, you see.

You loved the laughs.

You loved the smiles.

And when that candle came out
you didn't know what to do
with it's bright flame.
So, mommy and daddy of course helped you.

But you knew...

Exactly what to do...

With that yummy cake
that daddy made just for you.

It was a beautiful party
with all of our family
and friends
and loved ones.

Thankful for you, sweet child.
And thankful for ones to love you.
Almost as much as we do.

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