Saturday, January 9, 2010

No One Told Me Babies Move Like That

As a pregnant lady, waking up constantly to go the restroom is a normal occurrence. So when I woke up around 5 to potty, I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. I mean, this is your pretty run-of-the-mill stuff.

Rolled from my right side onto my back...just like I do every morning. This time I was met with a new feeling...pain. My stomach felt pulled. "It's okay", I told myself. "I guess my belly's just a little heavier and that's why it hurt. I rolled over too fast."

So, I sit there a minute. Then I feel my belly. The left side of my belly is soft and flat; that's normal. But when I move my hand to the right side, I am met by an enormous bulge! I cup my hand over the bulge to feel it, and it's like super hard. What?! I have this large lump in the right side of my belly!

Finally, my common sense kicks in and I realize that the baby has 'slid' down to the right side of my belly while I slept on that side. Finally, after a couple of minutes, the baby slides back into normal position. Wow! That was my first 'feeling' of the baby from the outside. I've felt my lower stomach where it's getting harder, but this was the small baby all concentrated in one spot very close to the surface. Such a cool feeling! I had no idea that they can slide to different spots in your tummy. I know they roll and kick and stretch, but moving to one little location... crazy.

No one told me babies move like that!


  1. So neat! I'm sure you'll have many "no one ever told me" moments through this pregnancy and delivery. It's full of new and weird (but really cool! Mostly....) experiences.

  2. I love's such an amazing experience! And Lindsay's right - you will find out all kinds of stuff that no one thinks to tell you...