Friday, January 15, 2010

They Say Taylor Was a Good Girl...

Taylor....boy or a girl?

This doctor's visit proved to be one of the most exciting ones...January 15
th, the day we find out if our baby Taylor was a boy or a girl. The appointment was nice and early. We got there right on time, after I got off on the wrong floor yet again. Why can't I remember the floor? Jonathan settled in to read a magazine, but I foiled those plans by making him run to look for a caffeinated drink (I was told to drink one to make sure the baby was moving enough to 'flash' us).

Before he could make it to a machine, they called us back. Giddy with excitement, we were sent straight back to the magical sonogram room. Jonathan was asked to wait outside, which I thought rather mean of them. So, I got to be the lucky one who sat there as the lady rubbed that thing all over my belly - without saying a word. She didn't speak to me. I haven't seen this baby in a very long time, and she's looking at 'it' and not making any comments. I'm sitting there thinking, "Is everything okay? Why isn't she speaking? Can she see anything? Is the baby asleep? Are we going to be able to tell what 'it' is? Is my baby healthy? Something must be wrong."

I couldn't take it anymore, so I finally got up the nerve to ask a question. I carefully planned a single question that would give me multiple answers. "Is the baby awake and moving?" Her response, "Ya, I'm actually chasing 'it' around." active...check...nothing to worry about...check.

After about 5 whole minutes of analyzing my baby, she FINALLY lets Jonathan in. They turn on the magical screen and we watch in anticipation. Then we see the baby...moving like crazy. The nurse begins to move all around and show us different aspects of our baby; the brain, heart, stomach, arms, legs, hands, face, eyes, ribs, backbone, and finally the thing we were waiting bottom.

We sat and watched as the nurse shook my belly to try and get the baby to 'spread it's legs'. After many attempts, finally we could see private parts. Jonathan knew before I did. I actually thought I was looking at boy parts, shows ya how much I know. But then the nurse froze the screen and I could tell it was a GIRL! Apparently, girls make an equal sign. I cannot express the joy and excitement and bundle of emotions I felt when I saw our child...our baby girl! She was so beautiful! So perfect! Such a miracle! What a magical moment! Tears streaming down my face, I sat next to my wonderful husband and praised God for this precious child!

A baby girl...we're having a baby girl.

Here she is if you'd like to meet her:


  1. Man, life is a miracle.

    Love the heart beating.
    Cute feet.
    And the tech jiggling her around made me chuckle!

  2. Your experience sounds IDENTICAL to ours - we had no idea that Chris would have to wait outside until they found out if everything was okay (if I get to be in there, shouldn't he?!), and that long period of silent analyzing of my baby - endless!!

    And - yes, I thought Ali was a boy at first too! :)

    What fun - congratulations!!!