Monday, January 10, 2011

Bath Time Bliss

warning: contains some nudity. cute little baby nudity. viewers may be blinded by cuteness.

Dear Taylor,

Have I mentioned how much we love you? Well, just so you don't forget, I'll say it again. We love you to pieces. You have been doing some very exciting new things lately. One of them is sitting up. You have started sitting up beautifully. All I do is set you down in a sitting position, put a pillow behind you for safety, and you do the rest.

So, mommy thought, "Hmm, what about bath time? Would the sitting up apply there as well?"

We decided to test it, and not to spoil the ending for you, but we think you did swimmingly.


Mommy always puts your feet in the water to try and get you to pee-pee in your diaper one last time before going into the water all the way.

You love this rubber ducky that Old Lady gave to you. It was one of your very first presents when mommy and daddy found out you were coming.

When you drop a toy, you've learned it floats away in the water, so you frantically dive after anything you drop.

Now that you can sit up in the water, I think bath time is much more fun for you. You play a whole lot more.

You're even learning to submerge things under water. You will hold toys under, and then quickly pull them up for air. Look at those little baby toes. Yum yum.

Look at that hair coming in, doll baby. It's looking red. Mommy is super excited about that.

Sorry, dear. We had to put a few cute little hiney pics. Couldn't resist.

Mommy is amazed at how well you are sitting up.

You have the prettiest blue eyes, a dimpled nose, and big pouty lips. Love.

Mommy can't believe how grown up you are getting. Please slow down.

And that's all, folks.


  1. definitely one of my favorite posts of yours! precious photos! love the angle - like you're in there with her - maybe you were! ;) she is such a doll. love the strawberry hair coming in! deacon's is too!

  2. Jessica, thanks for your comment. Jonathan took the pics. He would put the camera almost in the water to get those cool angles. I just stood close to make sure she didn't fall over. :-)
    By the way, I loved your 6 month post. It reminded me of things I'd forgot to put in Taylor's 6 month post. I think I'm going to update mine just so I have a record of her growth.

  3. Oh my goodness gracious! I love, love, love the 7th picture. Of course, they'll all precious, but especially that one. It needs framing!
    Also, why, after 3 kids have I never thought to put them in the water with their diaper still on???